Tuesday, 12 July 2016

GHD Atlantic Jade hair straighetners

I received my GHD hair straighteners a couple days ago, i had originally been using the classic GHD's but i thought i would try something different. the delivery was very quick and came the next day. I went for the Atlantic jade style and let me tell you the colour of these hair straighteners are stunning it almost has an iridescent look to it. With all GHD products you can get a free years guarantee, so if it breaks they will replace it for you, which i find really good seeing as they cost a lot of money. 

The straighteners i have were £110 including shipping as they had 20% off but they are originally priced at £130. when you take it out of the box it come in a bag and has a protective cap that fits onto the end of the straighteners. which i find handy so you don't damage them. Its very light to hold which is a lot more easier to use.

After using them for about 2 weeks i thought that they glide through my hair easily and keeps my hair straight throughout the whole day, with an easy on off switch and fast heat up time i think it reduces my time straightening my hair, to be able to do something else. 

As for curling my hair it doesn't give me much of a curl but that might just because i have quite thick hair which has always been a pain to curl, but even though i don't a strong ringlet curl it gives me really nice soft beachy waves to my hair which i really like. if you hair is more normal to thin i think that it will give you the perfect curl. overall its a great product leaves your hair shiny and looks silky smooth so would definitely recommend buying.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post and that it helped you out a bit if your are interested in buying GHD's. 

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