Thursday, 11 August 2016

July favourites

Hey guys here of some products i have been loving in the past month..

Harry potter and the cursed child

Being a HUGE harry potter fan, I had to get the new book (script) that has been released by J.K Rowling, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. She has said that this will be the last Harry Potter book made. It is currently priced at £20 or half price at Waterstones. This story had me so gripped into it that i managed to read the whole thing in one day. Without trying to give too much away for some of you who still have not been able to get your hands on it just yet or are currently reading, this book has lots of plot twists and turns which I find really exciting when reading a book, it gives a bit of mystery to it. what's most rewarding about this story however, is that it's grown up with it's characters and readers. it is set 20 years later with Albus (who is Harry Potter and Gin Weasleys son) and Scorpius (Draco Malfoys son) who become very good friends, but mess with time causing terrible outcomes for them both, with a adrenaline pumped ending that will have you nearly falling off your chair. This will be the book for you.

Honestly one of the best books i have ever read!! really worth a buy. Really wished they made a movie of this too.

BH Liquid Lipstick from BH cosmetics

I have always loved BH cosmetics as a brand they produce such amazing quality products for a fraction of the price of some high end products and still produce amazing pigmentation and colour. They are currently $8.50 which is roughly £6.50, which is a pretty decent price for a liquid lipstick.
The 3 colours I have purchased are Jeannie, Samantha and Serena, they are all within the pink colour range and are very pigmented. My absolute favourite shade is Jeannie, its a beautiful dark pink shade with a purple undertone to it almost a bit like Posie K from Kylie Jenner but 10x less the price. Samantha is more of a purple shade with a hint of pink running through it. Last of all is Serena, this is such a stunning coral colour and I love wearing this when on holiday with a simple eye makeup look.
The only only thing is, that they don't last all day but does lasts a good couple of hours on the lips but for the colour and the price well worth the buy.

E45 cream

This products has been an absolute life saver in keeping my skin hydrated, after going on holiday I was burned pretty bad and after a couple days I had started to peel and for me, a tan is a once and a while thing for me to get, so I wanted to keep it from peeling even more! Once I had got back to the UK I popped into my local Superdrug and picked up this product, honestly the best moisturiser I have ever tried! It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and also very soft and smooth, the formula is thin but it absorbs into the skin fast meaning you don't have to stand around half naked waiting for it to dry. 

This will for definite be a must have product in part of my skincare routine. 

Whoosh shower jelly

I have always loved LUSH as a company on a whole, with their fresh and animal cruelty free products, its a great place to buy products for people who have Whoosh shower jelly, I thought it would be a nice time for a change in my body wash. It has a very fresh smell because of the lemon and lime in it, it claims to blast the tiredness away as well as making you feel refreshed and personally I find that it really does help especially in the morning when left in the fridge overnight it really helps me wake up to start the day. I also really like how all there products packaging are recyclable, they really care about the planet and welfare of all animals which is very inspirational for people to start doing more for our world.

Lush never really fail me at providing excellent products, love this new buy!

The balm Mary Lou Manizer

I have never really tried many products from the balm but after watching many Youtube videos talking about how amazing this product is I had to try this out for myself. Im so glad I did, It's a gorgeous champagne colour with a hint of gold running through it. It's very pigmented so you really do not need much on the brush unless you like a strong highlight! which i do occasionally. It also feels very creamy and blends outs really well on the skin. 

Will have to try out some more products from The Balm. If you have ant recommendations or would like me to try certain products out, let me know in the comments.

Batiste dry shampoo

I can never leave the house without a travel size one of these in my handbag, this is amazing for giving your hair a quick refreshment throughout the day also giving your hair a lovely scent. I have a large spray in fresh and 2 travel sizes in blush and tropical, out of all of them those 3 are my all time favourite scents. I find that the product is really helpful when i have certain days where i can't be bothered to go through washing my hair as i have very long hair! and it can take ages to wash and dry my hair, so i just spray some of this dry shampoo in and it helps my hair feel a lot less greasy and fresh.

Hope you enjoyed reading about all my current favourites and if you would like more of these let me know in the comments.

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