Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Makeup studio

While on holiday over in Amsterdam I came across this makeup brand called makeup studio, needless to say I am now in love with this brand. I would say that they are more towards the high end side rather than drugstore as it can be pretty expensive for certain products, this was definitely a treat to myself this holiday. There is such a wide range of products especially eye shadows, there were hundreds of different colours and shades to choose from I was in heaven walking round this shop, my arms were covered in all the eyeshadow colours it was so difficult to pick my favourite. 

After hours of wandering around the shop I managed to pick my 2 favourites, first of all the packaging looks really sleek and professional even though it has a very simple colour scheme black and gold, to me it looks really well made a sturdy. All packaging for the eye shadows are paid separately, they range from £5.50 to hold 2 eye shadows to £19.50 which holds up to 20 different eye shadows.

The colours I ended up choosing were these 2 gorgeous bronzy colours, they are very pigmented and they both have a glimmer/sheen going through them. They were both around £8.50, I cant remember the exact price but I will leave a link to the website below. When I swatched the colours they felt very buttery and glides onto the skin really well, these colours are great for summer being a bronzy shade. I also really like how once you have used up the colours, you just have to buy a refill, so you won't be wasting money on buying more palettes each time.

I will definitely be looking into buying more from this brand and I really do think it's worth the money, I will have to try some other products other than the eyeshadows at let you know whether they are just as good.


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