Thursday, 6 October 2016

Lush halloween/Autumn line

After hearing about the Lush showcase in London with all their new Halloween, autumn and Christmas line coming out seeing pictures and vlog's everywhere I just had to pick up some products for myself. When I popped into my local lush store I picked up a few products.

As much as I love lush some of the autumn products where overpowering and not my favourite but some of you may like them but here are some of the products I had picked up.

The first thing I had to picked up was the Magic Wand soap, it has a very fresh and citrus scent to it with tangerine oil which helps tone the skin and charcoal that helps purify and cleanse.
I also picked up the classic Lord of Misrule bath bomb it has a very spicy, herbal scent with black pepper oil and patchouli oil but also is quite sweet with vanilla absolute. It leaves your bath a gorgeous purple colour as well as having soft skin after.

The last product I purchased was the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar. One you get covered in glitter but who doesn't love glitter. It gives your bath a gorgeous orange colour as well as creating loads of bubbles. it has a very citrusy and spicy scent to it with grape fruit oil, lime oil and juniperberry oil.

I really loved this years products and I am super excited for the Christmas range to come out. There will be a blog post on that very soon.

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